Breeze Indsutrial products still manufactures hose clamps right here in the USA. While most of its competitors have moved manfucturing overseas to save money, Breeze has just kept churning out the best fasteners in the industry. This is why their Aero-seal line is still the most trusted on Aerospace and other highly cricital jobs.

Hose Clamp Types
General Purpose Power Seal - A 1/2" wide stainless steel band and housing with zinc plated screw - these clamps are very affordable and yet still provide industry leading power and consistancy for automotive and industrial applications.

All Stainless Aero-Seal - Our heftier version of the standard clamps above, available in a all 300 series stainless construction are a great choice for marine, off-road, and corrosive indsutrial enviornments. A 9/16" band and heavy duty 4-piece design seperate these from our competitor's offerings.

Mil-Spec and Aerospace - MS, NAS, and AN series hose clamps conforming precisely to their applicable military and aerospace standards are the fasteners of choice when only the highest quality standards are acceptable.

Constant Torque - Our "CT" series of clamps is widely used on trucks, busses and heavy-duty industrial vehicles. A washer system allows these clamps to adjust for sudden changes in hose pressure and eliminates many pesky forms of leakage found with other clamps.

Silicone clamps with Liner - A built in metal liner protects your silicone hose against cuts caused by standard hose clamps. Available in partial and 100% stainless steel construction depending on your needs.