The Norma Group encompasses the best brands in the hose fastener industry. Brands like Breeze, ABA, Norma, and Torca are industry leaders in both the OEM and aftermarket parts industries. Products are made in state of the art facilities throughout Europe and North America. See below for a listing of brands and products available.

European made hose clamps, most with an embossed or smooth interior designed for automotive applications. Used as original equipment by European car companies. Made in Europe and the Americas.

American style hose clamps including their 4-piece heady duty Power-Seal and Aero-Seal clamps. Used widely in the automotive OEM, aftermarket, Marine, and industrial sectors. Made in the USA.

Hose clamps, plastic connectors and couplings used as OEM equipment on many European automotive and industrial machine manufacturer's. Also used extensively in the medical and printing industries. Made in Germany.

Super heavy duty clamps and couplings for the truck, bus and industrial vehnicle industries. Widely known for their exhaust coupling products.