Western Link sells and stocks a wide variety of products by the L.S. Starrett company. With over 130 years in the industrial tools business, Starrett is exactly the type of well known brand that we like to stand behind.

Band Saw Blades
We operate a full service bandsaw blade welding facility in the heart of Orange County. With our quick turnaround times we are able to ship most custom length bandsaw blades within 1 business day. Starrett Intenss Pro, Versatix, Intenss Pro-Die, and Advanz Carbide tipped blades are available for demanding metal cutting applications. Duratec Super Flexback is available for wood and plastic cutting applications.

Power Tool Accessories
Also stocked at our welding facility is a wide range of power tool accessories. These include holesaws, arbors, reciprocating saw blades, portable band saw blades, hack saw frames, and hacksaw blades. Our King Cut reciprocating blades are an industry leader for fire, rescue and demolition jobs.

Precision Measuring Tools
Starrett measuring tools have been the industry standard for well over a century now. There is no match for their calipers, dial indicators, micrometers and depth gauges. We can even work with their nationally accredited laboratory for your strict calibration needs.